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Podcast episode 6: Bookstagram 101 with Sara from Novel Novice!

Today’s guest is the lovely Sara Gundell, master blogger babe and creator of the amazing book blog Novel Novice. She has been killing it in the bookstagram game this past year, and, as a newbie in that area, I am frequently inspired by Sara’s awesome images. Like these:

Gorgeous, right?

I wanted to pick her brain on how she got into bookstagramming, and get some tips on how she makes her lovely spreads and how she stays organized!

This is a great podcast to listen to if you’re wanting to get into promoting books on Instagram, and also if you’re wanting some insight from someone who is doing it successfully.

Be sure to follow Sara on her Instagram too, so you don’t miss any future images!

And here’s the link to an instagram page that collects monthly photo challenges, if you want to get some good ideas!

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Podcast episode 3: Interview with Alex Kahler, author of RUNEBINDER

In episode 3 I chat with Alex Kahler, author of RUNEBINDER. We talk about the creation of the world and the awesome element-based magic system, what’s up for the series, and what it’s like writing gay YA in the fantasy genre.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes, or if you don’t have iTunes, I’ve also posted a link to SoundCloud.

Enjoy the episode, and let us know if you’re read this book already and what you enjoyed!

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, facebook, and twitter. I have tons of stuff in the works, including interviews with some heavy hitters in the YA field, and a lot of giveaways — but I’ll only be doing those if I get some more followers (especially on Instagram)!

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Ink Feather Podcast Throwback: Interview with Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer!

images-2-300x196I’m excited to kick off my Ink Feather Podcast, something I have literally wanted to do for almost 3 years now. I have a lot of cool interviews in the works, but I wanted to get it off the ground, so I’m starting by re-visiting one of my all-time favorite interviews!

Leigh Bardugo. Marissa Meyer. What more is there to say? Two powerhouses of YA fantasy right now! They are incredible storytellers, both of them, and it was really fun to interview them back in 2013 when their first series were still in the creation stages (at the time of the interview, Leigh had her second Grisha book out, and Marissa had her second Lunar Chronicles book out).

Here’s a link to the throwback episode, and scroll further down if you want to read my original post that went with the interview.




In the past year or two there have been a few book series that have really stood out in YA fantasy. Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles (‘Cinder,’ ‘Scarlet’ and upcoming ‘Cress’) and Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Series (‘Shadow and Bone’ and ‘Siege and Storm’) were at the top of that list.

We have been fortunate enough to feature both ladies on Lytherus previously (Click here and here for Leigh, and here for Marissa). However, we wanted more from these amazing New York Times bestselling authors, so we arranged a dual audio interview at San Diego Comic Con. The theme of the interview was similarities between their series, including older fables and fantasy influencing their worlds, strong female characters, and of course rakish boys! And, not surprisingly, they are fans of each other’s series, so they both enjoyed singing the praises of the other.

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San Diego Comic Con 2016: Author Goodness


San Diego Comic Con is upon us yet again, and Lytherus is excited to cover all aspects of the event for you. Each staff member has different areas of interest, and I cover many of the book events.

What can you expect this year?

  • Exclusive interviews with New York Times bestselling authors
  • Quick, fun summaries of the various book panels, featuring the highlights and interesting tidbits
  • Photos of the panels
  • And so much more!

Stay tuned for updates as we post them daily (as long as the internet cooperates!), and we hope you enjoy the panels as much as we will!


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Traveler exclusive interview with Arwen Elys Dayton … and a giveaway!

Hi everyone! Last month we featured the new release Traveler, which is the sequel to Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton. We love Arwen, and were excited to talk Traveler with her in this exclusive video interview. We’re also giving away a copy of Traveler AND a set of both books!

But first, what’s Traveler about? Here’s the summary:

  51YGc3Kv0WL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_  Quin Kincaid is a Seeker. Her legacy is an honor, an ancient role passed down for generations. But what she learned on her Oath night changed her world forever.
Quin pledged her life to deception. Her legacy as a Seeker is not noble but savage. Her father, a killer. Her uncle, a liar. Her mother, a casualty. And the boy she once loved is out for vengeance, with her family in his sights.
Yet Quin is not alone. Shinobu, her oldest companion, might now be the only person she can trust. The only one who wants answers as desperately as she does.
But the deeper they dig into the past, the darker things become. There are long-vanished Seeker families, shadowy alliances, and something else: a sinister plan begun generations ago, with the power to destroy them all.
The past is close. And it will destroy them all.

This book was such a great read. The story shifts to a lot of history of the Seekers and why things are the way they are. What’s awesome in this book? A lot. It was rich with story and Seeker culture, along with the struggles of being a good human when your world has been turned upside down. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • The truths that the main characters encounter really take them through the ringer, and it’s really fun to see how that part of the story unfolds.
  • There are some really interesting new additions to the tools that help the Seekers do what they do, mainly in the form of an awesome helm that messes with the mind. There’s also this shield that takes the lighting-like energy from the disruptor weapon and not only protects the holder but sends it flying back the way it came. So cool.
  • There are some amazing fight scenes, lots of great tension written in the voice that I came to love in the first book. The main characters have all been trained to fight, and it’s really fun to see them using their skills.
  • I really loved that we get inside the head of some characters who were just a mystery in the first book, and watching the separate plots come together at the end of the book was super rewarding.
  • My favorite part of this book is the absolute ringer that my emotions took with the characters’ journeys.There is no black and white with any of them. It’s like all the preconceived ideas I had were flipped on their head. It was delicious to experience, and I definitely found myself shouting in frustration, gasping in shock, and shaking my head in wonder.

If you enjoyed Seeker you won’t be disappointed with Traveler. It really takes you deep into this world and its characters, and it leaves you hanging, holding your breath. Don’t miss out!

Okay! So, here’s the interview with the lovely Arwen. We had a bit of a technical glitch in the middle, but I included a link in the video that allows you to jump past the minutes of silence. We definitely dig into the story, so don’t watch if you don’t want any spoilers! And don’t forget to enter in the giveaway below for your chance to win the books!


We will choose two winners at random. Winner one will get a hardback of Traveler. Winner two will get a set of both Seeker and Traveler. Don’t miss your chance to win! Enter below:


Entries are US only.

The giveaway lasts until 11:59 pm EST February 29th, 2016.


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Lytherus book club: Amazing interview with Emmy Laybourne, author of SWEET!

Sweet-cover-9-11-14-3Hey everyone! Due to schedule conflicts this interview happened later than initially planned, but once we sat down with Emmy Laybourne we quickly knew it was well worth the wait! She’s a lovely person, and the interview is interesting, funny, and full of heart.

We talk about the ideas behind SWEET and Emmy’s personal struggles with sugar addiction which led to the idea for the book. In addition to delving into the characters and writing habits Emmy teased us with a nicely detailed description of the novel series she’s currently working on. It sounds amazing and we can’t wait!

To celebrate this interview we’re giving away a copy of SWEET to one lucky winner. The giveaway runs from now until 11:59 EST on Tuesday September 15th. Don’t miss your chance to enter- the form is underneath the interview below. US residents only!

Enjoy the interview!


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Lytherus Book Club: Interview with Melissa Grey, author of THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT!

Lytherus book club header may

This interview was so much fun! Melissa and I talked about all sorts of fun things, including the relationships between her characters, coming up with the uniqueness of the world, books she’s into, and more! Don’t miss this great chat.

Also, we’re giving away a copy of THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT to one lucky person. US/Canada only! Don’t miss your chance to enter below the interview. The giveaway runs from June 30th until 11:59 EST on July 6th.

Without further ado, here you go:

Don’t forget to enter in the giveaway below!

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Lytherus Book Club catch-up: submit your questions now!

This year on Lytherkeep-calm-and-join-book-clubus we’ve started a monthly book club, where we read a book or series and then interview the author at the end, and it’s been great. But, due to scheduling conflicts and other things we’ve fallen a bit behind on posts and interviews. SO! While we catch-up on things from March and April (and bring May up to speed!), we wanted to give you a place to submit questions to our lovely authors. Please submit any questions you might have below, and don’t forget to specify which author you’re asking!

Need a reminder of our amazing author lineup? Here’s who we have coming up during our catch-up:

Lytherus book club header March
Aime Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, authors of THESE BROKEN STARS and THIS SHATTERED WORLD (fantastic sci-fi romance, and some of the prettiest covers around!):

april book club header
Rachel Hartman, author of SERAPHINA and SHADOW SCALE (absolutely lyrical, wonderful stories about dragons!):

Lytherus book club header may
And for May we have Melissa Grey, author of THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT, which I’m obsessed with. This book I literally listened to in one sitting. I’ll be bringing you the book summaries soon, and we’re interviewing her at the end of the month!

Don’t forget to submit your questions below!

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Lytherus Book Club: Seraphina series by Rachel Hartman!


april book club headerWe’re so excited to announce our April book club books, and they’re by one of  our favorite authors: Rachel Hartman! We have interviewed Rachel in the past about her amazing first book, Seraphina. But we didn’t want to miss the chance to feature her again, now that her second book Shadow Scale is finally available.

Here’s how our book club works. Each week we’ll be reading a certain number of chapters. At the end of each week we’ll post a summary of what’s been read, along with our theories, ideas, speculations, and general things we enjoyed.

We want you to read along with us! You’ll have the chance to share your thoughts as well, and we want to hear what you have to say. You’ll also be able to submit questions for the author, and the best questions will be presented in our exclusive one-on-one google chat with the author at the end of the month.

Here’s how the break-down this month is going to go:

  • April 8: First half of Seraphina: Beginning through chapter Seventeen
  • April 15: Second half of Seraphina: Chapter Eighteen through the end.
  • April 22: First half of Shadow Scale: Beginning through chapter Seventeen
  • April 29: Second half of Shadow Scale: Chapter Eighteen to the end.

There also may be some goodies to give away, so don’t forget to stay tuned!

What’s the series about (besides dragons?!)? Here’s the official blurb:

Seraphina_book_cover_(US_addition)Lyrical, imaginative, and wholly original, this New York Times bestseller with 8 starred reviews is not to be missed.  Rachel Hartman’s award-winning debut will have you looking at dragons as you’ve never imagined them before…
In the kingdom of Goredd, dragons and humans live and work side by side – while below the surface, tensions and hostility simmer.

The newest member of the royal court, a uniquely gifted musician named Seraphina, holds a deep secret of her own. One that she guards with all of her being.

When a member of the royal family is brutally murdered, Seraphina is drawn into the investigation alongside the dangerously perceptive—and dashing—Prince Lucien. But as the two uncover a sinister plot to destroy the wavering peace of the kingdom, Seraphina’s struggle to protect her secret becomes increasingly difficult… while its discovery could mean her very life.


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Lytherus Book Club: Interview with Cherie Priest and MAPLECROFT giveaway!

book club header feb

Our book club book for the month of February was the amazing Maplecroft by the amazing Cherie Priest. We hope you joined us as we read along with this delightfully creepy book, and if you haven’t, be sure to check it out if you love the Victorian era, monsters, and things that are creepy.

Did you miss one of our summaries? Here they are for the first half and the second half.

Cherie and I sat down a few days ago to discuss this book, and it was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever done. The true story behind the book is absolutely fascinating and made the book even more awesome. Be sure to check it out, but beware, there are spoilers, as we discuss the book in detail.

We’re also giving away THREE COPIES of Maplecroft to North America. The contest runs until 11:59 EST on March 11th. Be sure to enter below the interview!

Thanks for joining us for Maplecroft, and be sure to join us in March as we tackle These Broken Stars and This Shattered World by Amie Kaufmann and Meagan Spooner!

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