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SDCC 2013: ‘The Legend of Korra’ panel!

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For bender fans the San Diego Comic Con Korra panel is one of the highlights of the convention. Last year team members of Lytherus (specifically me and Mike) waited in line for four hours for Korra and still didn’t get in. Refusing to let that happen again I hit the lines at 5 am for the 11:15 Korra panel, and my early hours paid off.

The panel featured creators Michael Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko and producer Joaquim Dos Santos, along with the main voice actors for Korra (Janet Varney), Mako (David Faustino), and Bolin (P.J. Byrne). The main focus of the whole panel was Book Two, titled ‘Spirits’, which is set to release this September. There was general discussion about the journey the creators needed to go on to take Korra into a battle in the spirit world. Then they surprised the audience by showing the entire first episode of season two!

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The first episode shows life in Republic City now that the Equalists have been qualled. Mako works for the police now, and Korra is hard at work mastering airbending. Poor Bolin is all alone from the original three of the Fire Ferrets, but in typical Bolin fashion he’s working hard not to let him down. Then Korra and her friends (and yes, Mako is still her boyfriend, though it’s a bit rocky) have the opportunity to head back to her home town for a festival. Not long after they arrive they are attacked by an unhappy, aggressive spirit. Everyone tries and fails to stop it, including Korra, her father, and Tenzin, but in the end it was Korra’s uncle who managed to save the day by doing something that looked eerily like spirit bending. Earlier in the episode he was trying to convince Korra to come and learn about the spirit world from him, but Tenzin and Korra’s father adamantly refused. But after the attack Korra’s stubborn streak emerged, and she cut her ties with Tenzin (wounding him deeply in the process) and proceeded to accept the guidance of a new teacher.

To have so much happen in one episode bodes well for the rest of the season. And after the lovely treat the creators gave the audience a hint at what is to come. Most exciting about this was the revelation of the Avatar origin story.Fans are going to get to see how the first Avatar came to be. This news was accompanied by images of his animal companion, a cat-deer, and a few other cool spirit creatures. The panel wrapped up by the creators asking the voice actors general questions about how they got into this line of work and their thoughts on their characters.

All in all it was a most excellent panel. Be sure to check out the attached photo gallery to see a more detailed list of the team working on Book Two, and some image examples of new characters. And FYI, disregard the seemingly odd colors in some of the images, the photos were shot off of a screen and it registered funny on the camera.

September can’t come fast enough!

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Expectations for your first Convention: an insider’s opinion

Out part-time reviewer Kate is hitting up her first-ever convention this weekend, C2E2. She’s going to be covering the Con for Lytherus, giving us a summary of the overall feel and some more detailed coverage of a few of her favorite panels. For those of you who have never been to a Con, Kate wrote up a great expectation list for this upcoming weekend. What do you think? Does Kate have all her bases covered? For veteran Con-goers, any suggestions to help her out? Let her know in the comments!


So I’m going to my first Con

Almost a year ago my friend suggests that we go to C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). My first thought is cons are expensive and I don’t get paid vacation from work. Second thought is a year is more than enough time to save money and come up with a couple costumes. Well after getting a new job, but still without paid vacation and barely saving any money, we are less than a week from the con. I’m still trying to pull together two costumes, this is kinda sad considering I decided to update two old halloween costumes. Being well known for getting in over my head I thought why not write article for Lytherus while I’m at it.

C2E2So like I said this is my first con. Why go in costume you might ask. Well, everyone else is doing it. Or possibly because I love making my own costumes, have been doing it every year for halloween since my mom was making them for me. But yet somehow I always end up with bleeding fingertips, frazzled hair, a short temper, crying and yelling at the fabric. Blood sweat and tears right? But really it’s worth it in the end.

I really have no idea what I’m getting myself into besides crowds and lines. We are somewhat prepared though, we’ve a place to stay (no hotel) and a guide to the city of Chicago, conveniently in the same person. He’s also a veteran con-goer and cosplayer. But I like hard information. My first stop was the con website. The list of special guests, screenings, and panels is frankly overwhelming. But they have a very nice function on the website to plan out your time, works just like the one I used in college to plan my classes. Of course I’m going with a group so I know that I can’t make any finite plans. But it’s still a convenient way to save what panels interest me, I found this to be a really cool feature. They also have a mobile app, which I may yet download before I go.

Advice I’ve gotten from friends:

  • Bring your own food- Food at cons is expensive like any major event and the lines will be long

  • Your phone will not work- Despite the con offering free wi-fi the sheer amount of wireless devices will not allow you to successfully use internet, send texts or make phone calls (funny that college football games are the same)

  • You will end up separating- no way will your whole group want to do all the same things at the same times, make a meet up point ahead of time

  • If you are wearing a costume be prepared to be stop…a lot- other con goers will want photos or to chat about your character/method/construction etc. and not everyone will be nice and polite about it

  • If you are nice to other con goers they will be nice to you- A friend told me that he got thanked by a girl after taking a photo with her because he was the first guy all day to not grab her butt or be rude is some other fashion

The list of special guests seems endless, everything from hit shows like Game of Thrones and Being Human to classic tv like the original Batman series. Panels include topics like FOES, FANGS & FUR: A Look Inside Urban Fantasy Novels to things like How to Play Quiddich 101. They have plenty of children and family friendly interactives, that sound like fun for almost anyone. There don’t seem to be a lot of screenings but Grimms Fairy Tales Animated caught my eye. Not to mention the extensive list of autograph and photo opportunities with all the special guests.

While I am feeling overwhelmed (only days left now) I am also super excited. Did I mention that this I my first vacation is two years!? Somehow I think though I’ll need a vacation after this con but I’ll be back to let you all know how it went.


Thanks Kate! We’re looking forward to hearing how it went. Stop back next week to read about her experiences!