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Enjoy your Friday the 13th with a perfect spooky read: Teen Hyde by Chandler Baker!

Friday the 13th is always seen as a creepy, haunted day, regardless of what month it happens to fall in. We here at Lytherus have the perfect way for you to add a little creepiness to this Friday the 13th: check out Teen Hyde by Chandler Baker, which hit shelves earlier this week on January 10th, 2017. This book was not only a good teen horror read but was a believable, complex story of real struggles and difficulties, and I couldn’t put it down.

What’s it about? Here’s the summary:

51OJ9Oo5coLCassidy Hyde is NOT having a good year. Her boyfriend cheated on her, killed her best friend’s date during homecoming, and was then murdered in turn by a serial killer, and that’s without counting the thing that no one knows about. (But Cassidy doesn’t like to think about that.) The point is, anyone would be a little depressed and no one can blame her for looking for a little bit of help. That’s where Sunshine comes in. This new experimental drug makes Cassidy feel like everything is good and she’s the golden girl once again. A little memory loss feels like a small price to pay to get her life back. And the fact that boys are once again going missing (boys who Cassidy does NOT want to remember) has NOTHING to do with anything! Right?

Thus begins Chandler Baker’s contemporary twist on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde, set in the town of Hollow Pines, Texas, where high school is truly horrifying.

This story reminded me of a horrific accident, in the best way possible. I was seriously disturbed and yet I couldn’t look away. This book was a great read, even more than I anticipated. I knew going in that it was going to play on the Jekyll and Hyde theme, but the way the author wrote it up was awesome. Both parts of Cassidy’s characters were complex and had interesting thoughts and motivations.

Also, it’s not only a good horror story, but surprisingly relatable. The main character Cassidy is dealing with some serious issues, issues that too many people can relate to, sadly, and that alone made the story interesting and a page turner. But adding in the element of multiple personalities, and what the other ‘us’ would do, took the book to a definitely creepy level. I don’t want to give too much away, but the issues keep piling on as the story continues, and the momentum speeds up all the way to a well-written end.

I’m so glad I read Teen Hyde. What at first seemed like just a teen horror romp actually delves into some really good issues, and the characters are believable and relatable. It was a quick, easy read, and I’d definitely recommend it for someone who likes getting lost in the horrors of both real life and fantasy.

You can pick up Teen Hyde on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and you can follow author Chandler Baker on twitter!


Feel the Holiday Spirit! Impromptu giveaway of Tad Williams’ upcoming book ‘The Heart of What Was Lost’!

Here I am, feeling very excited to hold this amazing book, and I can't wait to get it into your hands!
Here I am, feeling very excited to hold this amazing book, and I can’t wait to get it into your hands!

I’m feeling the holiday love today, and in the spirit of the season I decided to do an impromptu giveaway of a book that I’m finding is highly sought after before it’s January release: The Heart of What Was Lost by fantasy author superstar Tad Williams!

This book is the new book in his beloved Osten Ard series, and in case you’re not sure what it’s about, check out the summary below!

As a book reviewer I’m lucky enough to get a lot of amazing books in the mail, and I happen to have two copies of this, an ARC and an actual copy. That feels rather selfish for a book that so many people are craving, so, just for a few days, I’m doing a giveaway to win the ARC. It only lasts till 11:59 pm EST on Monday December 26th, because I want to get it in the mail first thing Tuesday for the winner to get and enjoy before the new year.

So! Rules! US only, sorry, I’m paying out of pocket for shipping. Be sure to enter below (past the summary) before 11:59 pm EST on Monday December 26th. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS, BOOK LOVERS!!!!! Spread the love when and however you can! <3

Book Summary:

downloadNew York Times-bestselling Tad Williams’ ground-breaking epic fantasy saga of Osten Ard begins an exciting new cycle! 

The perfect introduction to the epic fantasy world of Osten Ard, The Heart of What Was Lost is Tad Williams’ follow-up to his internationally bestselling landmark trilogy. Osten Ard inspired a generation of modern fantasy writers, including George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, and Christopher Paolini, and defined Tad Williams as one of the most important fantasy writers of our time.


At the end of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, Ineluki the Storm King, an undead spirit of horrifying, demonic power, came within moments of stopping Time itself and obliterating humankind. He was defeated by a coalition of mortal men and women joined by his own deathless descendants, the Sithi.

In the wake of the Storm King’s fall, Ineluki’s loyal minions, the Norns, dark cousins to the Sithi, choose to flee the lands of men and retreat north to Nakkiga, their ancient citadel within the hollow heart of the mountain called Stormspike. But as the defeated Norns make their way to this last haven, the mortal Rimmersman Duke Isgrimnur leads an army in pursuit, determined to end the Norns’ attacks and defeat their ageless Queen Utuk’ku for all time.

Two southern soldiers, Porto and Endri, joined the mortal army to help achieve this ambitious goal—though as they venture farther and farther into the frozen north, braving the fierce resistance and deadly magics of the retreating Norns, they cannot help but wonder what they are doing so very far from home. Meanwhile, the Norns must now confront the prospect of extinction at the hands of Isgrimnur and his mortal army.

Viyeki, a leader of the Norns’ military engineers, the Order of Builders, desperately seeks a way to help his people reach their mountain—and then stave off the destruction of their race. For the two armies will finally clash in a battle to be remembered as the Siege of Nakkiga; a battle so strange and deadly, so wracked with dark enchantment, that it threatens to destroy not just one side but quite possibly all.

Trapped inside the mountain as the mortals batter at Nakkiga’s gates, Viyeki the Builder will discover disturbing secrets about his own people, mysteries both present and past, represented by the priceless gem known as The Heart of What Was Lost.

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Need gift ideas? Here are a bunch of nerdy books that are a perfect fit!

The holidays are upon us, and, if you’re anything like us, sometimes shopping for presents can be overwhelming. Luckily our friends at Thunder Bay Press and Canterbury Classics sent over a few awesome ideas for the book fans among us, and we hope you like them as much a we do!

We’ve also rounded up a number of our favorite dragon-themed books to diversify our holiday recommendations! Whether you’re buying for a classic fantasy fan or dragon enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a gift after perusing our list!

We’ve personally enjoyed every product here (and have provided links to accompanying reviews, where available), so take it from us – these are worth snagging!

Throwback to Fantasy and Scifi Classics

Classic Tales of Science Fiction & Fantasy is the perfect present for fans of classic stories. It’s packed with incredible books like A Princess of Mars, The War of the Worlds, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and many more.

51pd1lb1tql-_sx314_bo1204203200_Long before we ventured into outer space or explored the most remote regions of the planet, writers have spun stories of what might lie in those unknown worlds, or what awaits humanity in the future. Classic Tales of Science Fiction & Fantasy ($24.99; ISBN: 978-1-62686-801-4; Canterbury Classics) is a collection of ten novels and short stories that blazed the trail for the popular genre, in a handsome leather-bound edition that is perfect for gift-giving. Works by acclaimed authors such as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack London, and H. P. Lovecraft will transport the reader to distant places and times—and set the imagination ablaze!

Our thoughts: Guys, this book is gorgeous. With gold gilded edges, blue foiled detail on the illustrated leather cover, and awesome illustrations just inside, it definitely entices the reader to peruse.

Tolkien-Inspired Adult Coloring Books

Next up are some awesome adult coloring books set in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe:

A Bestiary of Tolkien Coloring Book illustrated by Mauro Mazzara and Andrea Piparo ($10.39)

613ylgivgvl-_sy496_bo1204203200_Gorgeous line art begs for color in this compendium of the beasts, monsters, and flora and fauna of Middle-earth. In A Bestiary of Tolkien Coloring ($14.99; ISBN: 978-1-62686-777-2)bring your favorite creatures from the books into sharp detail with your colored pencils or markers. Smaug the dragon, Balrogs, Hobbits, and Elves give you plenty of opportunity for creativity and shading. Turn each of the 90 pages into a precious work of art, in a 10” x 10” format for more coloring area!

Tolkien’s World: A Fantasy Coloring Book by Allan Curless (Author), Mauro Mazzara (Illustrator) – ($10.95)

612wt3avfrl-_sx497_bo1204203200_ This beautiful coloring book—suitable for Tolkien fans of all ages—presents more than 90 pages of famous scenes from Middle-earth, from the Trees of the Valar to Mount Doom; and characters as beloved as Gandalf the wizard, or as feared as Smaug the dragon. Line art illustrating the fantastical world of Middle-earth is readyfor your colorful imagination! Includes scenes and characters from The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings.

Our thoughts: These coloring books are so incredibly cool, and they’re pretty too, with gold foil detail on the illustrated covers. They cover the entire Tolkien universe, and I honestly don’t know which one I like more, the one with just creatures or the one that also shows locations. Either book would be a great addition to the personal collection of any Tolkien fan.

Dragons, Dragons, and More Dragons!

Not sure about you, but we’re always looking for more dragon-related books to read while we wait (im)patiently for Book 5! We’ve included a few of great dragon-y books, and included a few of our favorite fantasy novels (which may or may not feature dragons) for you to buy for yourself or for a friend!

Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons ($12.50) 

For true believers only, a lavishly illustrated reproduction of a legendary volume by the world’s most distinguished dragonologist. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands!

Do you believe in dragons? Now, for the first time, the long-lost research of renowned nineteenth century dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake is presented in all its eccentric glory, happily bridging the gap between dragon legend and fact. The meticulous Dr. Drake assigns Latin names to various dragon species, ruminates on why dragons are able to speak, speculates on how they could fly, and explains the true purpose of their notorious hoarding habits.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman ($6.70)

In the kingdom of Goredd, dragons and humans live and work side by side – while below the surface, tensions and hostility simmer.

The newest member of the royal court, a uniquely gifted musician named Seraphina, holds a deep secret of her own. One that she guards with all of her being.

When a member of the royal family is brutally murdered, Seraphina is drawn into the investigation alongside the dangerously perceptive—and dashing—Prince Lucien. But as the two uncover a sinister plot to destroy the wavering peace of the kingdom, Seraphina’s struggle to protect her secret becomes increasingly difficult… while its discovery could mean her very life.

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke ($6.70)

With a lonely boy named Ben on board, the brave young dragon Firedrake sets out on a magical journey to find the mythical place where silver dragons can live in peace forever. Flying over moonlit lands and sparkling seas, they encounter fantastic creatures, summon up surprising courage–and cross the path of a ruthless villain with an ancient grudge who’s determined to end their quest. Only a secret destiny can save the dragons in this enchanting adventure about the true meaning home.

The Abhorsen/Old Kingdom Trilogy by Garth Nix (Book one, $5; Trilogy box set, $27)

Since childhood, Sabriel has lived outside the walls of the Old Kingdom, away from the power of Free Magic, and away from the Dead who refuse to stay dead. But now her father, the Abhorson, is missing, and Sabriel must cross into that world to find him. With Mogget, whose feline form hides a powerful, perhaps malevolent spirit, and Touchstone, a young Charter Mage, Sabriel travels deep into the Old Kingdom. There she confronts an evil that threatens much more than her life and comes face-to-face with her own hidden destiny. . .

Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern series) by Anne McCaffrey (Book one, $7.50; Trilogy box set, $15)

To the nobles who live in Benden Weyr, Lessa is nothing but a ragged kitchen girl. For most of her life she has survived by serving those who betrayed her father and took over his lands. Now the time has come for Lessa to shed her disguise—and take back her stolen birthright.

But everything changes when she meets a queen dragon. The bond they share will be deep and last forever. It will protect them when, for the first time in centuries, Lessa’s world is threatened by Thread, an evil substance that falls like rain and destroys everything it touches. Dragons and their Riders once protected the planet from Thread, but there are very few of them left these days. Now brave Lessa must risk her life, and the life of her beloved dragon, to save her beautiful world. . .

The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud (Book one, $9)

Nathaniel is a magician’s apprentice, taking his first lessons in the arts of magic. But when a devious hot-shot wizard named Simon Lovelace ruthlessly humiliates Nathaniel in front of his elders, Nathaniel decides to kick up his education a few notches and show Lovelace who’s boss. With revenge on his mind, he summons the powerful djinni, Bartimaeus. But summoning Bartimaeus and controlling him are two different things entirely, and when Nathaniel sends the djinni out to steal Lovelace’s greatest treasure, the Amulet of Samarkand, he finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of magical espionage, murder, and rebellion.

Big thanks to Thunder Bay Press and Canterbury Classics who provided copies of the first three books!

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Stay in the Halloween spirit with these three books!

November is upon us, and it’s time to put away those skull decorations and vulture wall hangings for another year. But if you’re having a hard time letting the Halloween season go, we’re here to offer some help! Here are three amazing books, covering all ages, that can help keep the spooky spirit of magic alive for a little longer. Snuggle up with a blanket, and don’t forget to leave a light on!

51fpuecqpulMiddle Grade: The Haunting of Falcon House by Eugene Yelchin

A long undisturbed bedroom. A startling likeness. A mysterious friend.

When twelve-year-old Prince Lev Lvov goes to live with his aunt at Falcon House, he takes his rightful place as heir to the Lvov family estate. Prince Lev dreams of becoming a hero of Russia like his great ancestors. But he’ll discover that dark secrets haunt this house. Prince Lev is the only one who can set them free-will he be the hero his family needs?

My thoughts: Great story with a spooky vibe and fun ghost element. There is a lot of creepiness mixed into the descriptions of Falcon House which really brings it to life like another character. And the illustrations are just eerie enough to add an extra scare factor in. I think The Haunting of Falcon House is perfect for the 8-12 age range, but that older readers would also enjoy it (I did!). What makes it even cooler though is the fact that the story is based off of part of a book the author found when he was a kid, a sketchbook of a young Prince Lev, and those original sketches are the ones incorporated into the story. This brings a ring of truth into a fiction story that I really think readers will just eat up. If ghosts are your thing, don’t miss this one!

27969081Young Adult: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

Nothing says Happy Birthday like summoning the spirits of your dead relatives.

Alex is a bruja, the most powerful witch in a generation…and she hates magic. At her Deathday celebration, Alex performs a spell to rid herself of her power. But it backfires. Her whole family vanishes into thin air, leaving her alone with Nova, a brujo boy she can’t trust. A boy whose intentions are as dark as the strange marks on his skin.

The only way to get her family back is to travel with Nova to Los Lagos, a land in-between, as dark as Limbo and as strange as Wonderland…

My thoughts: This book is one of my favorite reads of the year. I really enjoyed the characters a lot, especially Alex and Nova, I could connect with them and relate, even in a magical setting. Alex has to deal with not only finding herself like any teen, but the consequences of some seriously disastrous actions. I loved the Bruja magic, the rituals were so awesome, and it felt like a new and fresh breath of magical story in a pretty saturated market. I also really enjoyed all the things that happened in Los Lagos. It is a deliciously creepy place, and all the different things the main characters encountered made for a great adventure. If you’re wanting some witchy magic to last into November, this is definitely a book to check out!

25533076Adult: Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Whoever is born here, is doomed to stay ’til death. Whoever settles, never leaves.

Welcome to Black Spring, the seemingly picturesque Hudson Valley town haunted by the Black Rock Witch, a seventeenth century woman whose eyes and mouth are sewn shut. Muzzled, she walks the streets and enters homes at will. She stands next to children’s bed for nights on end. Everybody knows that her eyes may never be opened or the consequences will be too terrible to bear.

The elders of Black Spring have virtually quarantined the town by using high-tech surveillance to prevent their curse from spreading. Frustrated with being kept in lockdown, the town’s teenagers decide to break their strict regulations and go viral with the haunting. But, in so doing, they send the town spiraling into dark, medieval practices of the distant past.

This chilling novel heralds the arrival of an exciting new voice in mainstream horror and dark fantasy.

My thoughts: Guys, this book scared the crap out of me, no joke. All of it was creepy as hell and well written, but some of the scenes in the middle of the book, where the reader is not sure what exactly is happening, they definitely reminded me why I don’t often read horror. The fact that I was staying in a friend’s dark basement at the time of reading probably didn’t help matters either. Seriously though, this book was great, and I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and checked it out. Complex story, interesting characters that you quickly become invested in, and of course a delightfully scary witch. If you want to continue on with the ghoulish vibes of October, definitely check this book out, you won’t be disappointed.

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Check out this AMAZING book trailer for TEEN FRANKENSTEIN!

25663529You need to watch this book trailer. Right now.

Why? Because, in an advertising media that so often these days underwhelms, or comes across as lower quality, the book trailer for Teen Frankenstein by Chandler Baker views like a movie. It’s incredibly well shot, and is a treat to watch. It basically blew us away with its awesomeness.

We here at Lytherus are already a fan of Chandler’s book, as we did the book cover reveal this time last year. So we’re really excited to share this really amazing trailer with you below. And stay tuned over the next few months, as we bring you more news of upcoming books by Chandler Baker!

Find out how to contact Chandler here!

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SDCC16: Fairytale Remix Book Panel- the Highlights!


The first book panel we covered at this year’s San Diego Comic Con was an awesome panel titled Retellings & Remixes. Here’s the Official description (and author list!):

SDCC16 Fairytale Remix

From Cinderella to the Queen of Hearts, these authors know that “happily ever after” isn’t always the end of the story. Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles, Heartless), Renee Ahdieh (The Rose and the Dagger), Colleen Houck(Recreated), Anna Todd (Imagines), Jodi Meadows (My Lady Jane), and Colleen Oakes (Queen of Hearts) dish about how they put a fresh twist on the classic tales we love. Moderated by Sam Maggs (Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, Wonder Women).

SDCC16 Fairytale Remix_3
Renee Ahdieh & Colleen Houck

There were so many good tidbits from this panel. Enjoy the highlights!

The first question asked the authors about what drew them to the tales they chose to tell. Here are the hot points (author names are abbreviated to initials):

  • RA: She’s mixed race, and she didn’t see herself in books she read.
  • CH: Referenced the movie ‘Ladyhawk”s theme of love almost getting together, almost touching, but never quite getting there.
  • MM: She grew up with Alice in Wonderland, thanks to her mom collecting all things Alice, so it was always a favorite. Plus, though character development is strong, the world leaves a ton up to imagination.
  • CO: Regarding Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of hearts: Why is she so pissed all of the time? Decided it was love, and knew that story should be written.
  • JA:  One of her co-authors was a fans of Lady Jane Grey, and they decided to tell her tale but make it funny.
SDCC16 Fairytale Remix_2
Marissa Meyer, Colleen Oakes, Jodi Meadows, and Anna Todd

After a few individual questions the panelists started talking about how celebrities are basically modern fairy tale characters. Anna Todd talked about her book telling a story of a girl trapped in a bathroom with Kylee Jenner, and she reflected on how celebs have this mystery about them like a character because we only really see what they show us. Marissa added on that they’re our modern day royalty, and that in the old tales so many problems were solved for the females by becoming a princess, which is a similar idea (we only see the happily ever after, not all the other, real parts)

The last big topic touched on was about how the authors are able to write in a way today’s teens can relate. Here are a few highlights of ideas they touch on in their books:

  • CO: Teens relate regardless. They all want acceptance and love.
  • JM: Teens just want to be understood, and that they get drawn in by an interesting story
  • AT: Referenced Little Women and how the ideas from that story are still the same as ones today, like girls being forced into roles they don’t want, and trying to find their identity as individuals.
  • RA: The old tales have a world of possibility. Though she did remind us that most origin stories are cautionary tales based in morality, and for today’s audience they need to be careful not to be preachy.
  • CH: Part of YA is discovery and self-discovery, which often becomes its own separate theme in addition to the story’s main theme.
  • MM: Teens want to wrestle back control from the restrictions they still have, to spread their wings and lead their own lives.

The panel then took questions from the audience, which ranged across the board from writing advice to how much input they have in their covers (collective reply: some, but often it doesn’t matter in the end)

The conversation flowed really well, and the answers were interesting. All in all it was a really fun, enjoyable panel that offered a little bit of insight into how some of today’s amazing YA fairytale retellings came to be.

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San Diego Comic Con 2016: Author Goodness


San Diego Comic Con is upon us yet again, and Lytherus is excited to cover all aspects of the event for you. Each staff member has different areas of interest, and I cover many of the book events.

What can you expect this year?

  • Exclusive interviews with New York Times bestselling authors
  • Quick, fun summaries of the various book panels, featuring the highlights and interesting tidbits
  • Photos of the panels
  • And so much more!

Stay tuned for updates as we post them daily (as long as the internet cooperates!), and we hope you enjoy the panels as much as we will!


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Traveler exclusive interview with Arwen Elys Dayton … and a giveaway!

Hi everyone! Last month we featured the new release Traveler, which is the sequel to Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton. We love Arwen, and were excited to talk Traveler with her in this exclusive video interview. We’re also giving away a copy of Traveler AND a set of both books!

But first, what’s Traveler about? Here’s the summary:

  51YGc3Kv0WL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_  Quin Kincaid is a Seeker. Her legacy is an honor, an ancient role passed down for generations. But what she learned on her Oath night changed her world forever.
Quin pledged her life to deception. Her legacy as a Seeker is not noble but savage. Her father, a killer. Her uncle, a liar. Her mother, a casualty. And the boy she once loved is out for vengeance, with her family in his sights.
Yet Quin is not alone. Shinobu, her oldest companion, might now be the only person she can trust. The only one who wants answers as desperately as she does.
But the deeper they dig into the past, the darker things become. There are long-vanished Seeker families, shadowy alliances, and something else: a sinister plan begun generations ago, with the power to destroy them all.
The past is close. And it will destroy them all.

This book was such a great read. The story shifts to a lot of history of the Seekers and why things are the way they are. What’s awesome in this book? A lot. It was rich with story and Seeker culture, along with the struggles of being a good human when your world has been turned upside down. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • The truths that the main characters encounter really take them through the ringer, and it’s really fun to see how that part of the story unfolds.
  • There are some really interesting new additions to the tools that help the Seekers do what they do, mainly in the form of an awesome helm that messes with the mind. There’s also this shield that takes the lighting-like energy from the disruptor weapon and not only protects the holder but sends it flying back the way it came. So cool.
  • There are some amazing fight scenes, lots of great tension written in the voice that I came to love in the first book. The main characters have all been trained to fight, and it’s really fun to see them using their skills.
  • I really loved that we get inside the head of some characters who were just a mystery in the first book, and watching the separate plots come together at the end of the book was super rewarding.
  • My favorite part of this book is the absolute ringer that my emotions took with the characters’ journeys.There is no black and white with any of them. It’s like all the preconceived ideas I had were flipped on their head. It was delicious to experience, and I definitely found myself shouting in frustration, gasping in shock, and shaking my head in wonder.

If you enjoyed Seeker you won’t be disappointed with Traveler. It really takes you deep into this world and its characters, and it leaves you hanging, holding your breath. Don’t miss out!

Okay! So, here’s the interview with the lovely Arwen. We had a bit of a technical glitch in the middle, but I included a link in the video that allows you to jump past the minutes of silence. We definitely dig into the story, so don’t watch if you don’t want any spoilers! And don’t forget to enter in the giveaway below for your chance to win the books!


We will choose two winners at random. Winner one will get a hardback of Traveler. Winner two will get a set of both Seeker and Traveler. Don’t miss your chance to win! Enter below:


Entries are US only.

The giveaway lasts until 11:59 pm EST February 29th, 2016.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Traveler Blog tour day 3: The Magical Locations in the Seeker Series!

We’re so excited and honored to be hosting one of the days of Arwen Elys Dayton’s blog tour for the newly released Traveler (out yesterday!). Traveler is the sequel to Seeker (which we LOVED!!), and we are featuring this book all month with our book club. There are giveaways, interviews, all sorts of great things. And today we have an exclusive video Arwen recorded just for us talking about how she chooses locations.

Arwen Dayton Jacket Photo_credit Michael LionstarThere are a few different locations in the series, but the two that are most vibrant are Scotland and Hong Kong in Seeker, and places like Africa and Norway in Traveler. Check out the video below for more (including gorgeous images of these places!) Also, if you aren’t in the mood to watch, we have included a transcript of the video at the bottom of this post. But the video is pretty fun; Arwen did a lot of her traipsing about with a GoPro on her head, and it’s fun to see things from her perspective.

ARWEN ELYS DAYTON is the author of SEEKER and TRAVELER. She spends moths doing research for her stories. Her explorations have taken her around the world to places like the Great Pyramid at Giza, Hong Kong and its many islands, and lots of ruined castles in Scotland.

You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @arwenelysdayton, and check out her video series about writing, 1 QUESTION, 2 MINUTES, at and on YouTube.

What’s Traveler about? Check it out!

51YGc3Kv0WL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_TRAVELER, book two of the SEEKER series

by Arwen Elys Dayton

Quin Kincaid is a Seeker. Her legacy is an honor, an ancient role passed down for generations. But what she learned on her Oath night changed her world forever.

Quin pledged her life to deception. Her legacy as a Seeker is not noble but savage. She was trained to be an assassin. And the boy she once loved is out for vengeance, with her family in his sights.

Yet Quin is not alone. Shinobu, her oldest companion, might now be the only person she can trust. The only one who wants answers as desperately as she does.

But the deeper they dig into the past, the darker things become. They are long-vanished Seeker families, shadowy alliances, and something else: a sinister plan begun generations ago with the power to end the legacy forever. And it might destroy them all.

Thanks again Arwen for the awesome video! Be sure to check out the other exciting places on her blog tour. She is off to Book Blather and Supernatural Snark tomorrow!



SEEKER is the story of three teenagers who have spent most of their lives training for what they think is a noble purpose – to be Seekers – only to discover that their families are actually turning them into assassins. In TRAVELER, as they try to break away from this fate, or maybe embrace it, they discover that the world of Seekers is larger than they’d realized, and they become entangled in a plan begun generations ago that immediately threatens their very survival.

Today I am here on one of my favorite sites,, to answer the question, “How do you choose the locations for your stories?”

I choose places that inspire me, and I am generally inspired by vast, majestic, open, lush landscapes, and the world is full of so many different versions of this. I am also weirdly inspired by the exact opposite: densely populated, intricate, dynamic cities. And I think that is why in SEEKER, you see the action takes place between the Scottish highlands and Hong Kong, which in the book is this even denser, darker, more crowded version of Hong Kong.

And then in TRAVELER there are new locations. We go to Mont Saint-Michel, which is this medieval city. It’s a small island off the coast of France that’s completely separated from the mainland when the tide comes in. There’s the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, in southwestern Africa, probably one of the most barren places on Earth, but also beautiful in its own way. There’s a frozen cave in Norway where some key chapters take place.

I think the locations really just come from my own wanderlust and inspiration.

Thank you so much for having me on

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Lytherus January Book Club: Traveler by Arwen Elys Dayton!

Hi guys! We’re so excited to be featuring the sequel of Arwen Elys Dayton’s Seeker this month: get ready for Traveler! We loved Seeker, and we couldn’t wait to dig into the second book in this amazing series!

Traveler is out tomorrow, Tuesday January 12th, so you can get started reading with us right away!

What’s the book about? Here’s the amazon summary  (don’t read if you don’t want any mild spoilers!)

51YGc3Kv0WL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_For readers of Game of Thrones and Marie Lu:Traveler, the sequel to Seeker.
Quin Kincaid is a Seeker. Her legacy is an honor, an ancient role passed down for generations. But what she learned on her Oath night changed her world forever.
Quin pledged her life to deception. Her legacy as a Seeker is not noble but savage. Her father, a killer. Her uncle, a liar. Her mother, a casualty. And the boy she once loved is out for vengeance, with her family in his sights.
Yet Quin is not alone. Shinobu, her oldest companion, might now be the only person she can trust. The only one who wants answers as desperately as she does.
But the deeper they dig into the past, the darker things become. There are long-vanished Seeker families, shadowy alliances, and something else: a sinister plan begun generations ago, with the power to destroy them all.
The past is close. And it will destroy them all.

What are we doing this month? All sorts of fun things:

  • Giveaways of both books
  • Exclusive video feature on Arwen’s official blog tour
  • Summaries of book two
  • chances to ask the author questions!
  • Exclusive interview with Arwen!

Stay tuned as we tackle Traveler, and we want you to join us too! You’ll get a chance of a copy of Traveler with the best question asked!