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Want to Write Role-Playing Games?

We found this awesome article while perusing Tor’s website, letting writers and fans of all things RPG know that there is an opportunity to become part of the action! You can participate in the RPG Superstar contest, the winner of which gets to bring their ideas to life. Check it here. The contest is being held by Piazo, who started out with the Dungeons & Dragons magazine. The official contest page is here.

Here’s some info from the article about what’s involved:

The first round of the contest—in which contestants design magic items—opens December 3 and closes on the 31st. The top 32 entrants, as judged by a panel of four RPG pros—then create a class archetype. At this point, the public takes over the voting and determines who proceeds to the later levels.

The 16 best of those go on to create a villain. The top 8 of those build an adventure location. The final 4 submit proposals for a full adventure. The winner gets hired to actually write all 32 pages, while the runners-up chip in 16-page versions of their ideas instead.


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Preview of Orson Scott Card’s New Book

Orson Scott Card has been busy lately. He recently released a YA book called Pathfinder (a review of which will be posted in the near future), and he has another book coming out soon. Being released on January 4th, 2011, The Lost Gate is the first book in his Mither Mages Trilogy. has an exclusive preview of the story; you can read the article and excerpt here (You need to register on Tor’s website to view the chapter, but it’s free and only takes a second).

From the Article:

Learn what The Mither Mages is about from Tor Books editor Beth Meacham:

Card is creating not one magical world for this series, but two—an Earth where the exiles of Westil have lived in isolation for almost 1500 years, and Westil itself, also cut off from the power of the Great Gates, dwindling but holding the memory of a time when greater magic was possible. For this first book, the two worlds remain separate – but there is a promise implicit in the birth or rebirth of a gatemage in each world. It starts small, one boy in the hills of Virginia. It won’t stay that way.


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Spider-man The Musical?

Yesterday was the Broadway preview premiere of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark in New York City, after years of development and work. Tony and Emmy-winning director Julie Taymor (of The Lion King musical fame) headed up the project, with Bono and The Edge from U2 creating the music.

The rock opera was recently featured on Sixty Minutes, which you can view below. It shows some great behind-the-scenes footage of the writing of the score, the creating of the sets, and the actors learning how to fly, of course.

Official opening night is January 11th, 2011, and it is slated to run until at least April of next year.

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Interview with Ally Condie, Author of “Matched”

Ally Condie’s sensational book Matched is in stores tomorrow. As a little treat, here’s an interview with the author.

From the interview:

What do you hope readers take away from Matched?

I hope my readers enjoy the story, first of all. I just want them to be interested, taken away, intrigued. And I want them to feel how wonderful choice and freedom are. But they probably already know that, anyway!

[via Society of Matched]