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Podcast episode 30: Lit Agent Jen Azantian on launching an agency, tips for writers on finding an agent, and more!

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In episode 30 I chat with Literary Agent Jen Azantian!

We chat about the growing pains of starting an agency and the learning curve (she had to run an auction on her third ever book she was submitting to editors!), as well as how she’s established her voice as an agent.

We also dig into tips she has for authors who are looking for an agent, things to pay attention to and to implement to get ahead of the game. This is a must-listen for anyone who wants to get published, as it gives you insight into the agency process right from someone who knows!

We are also doing a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY(US only)! Jen has graciously agreed to give away a stack of all of her client books to one lucky winner! Click on this link to head over to enter!

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